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Always remember, applying for a new job is a competitive process. The employer is interested to see the right skills in you and ensure it fits the role & responsibilities they are offering. The first impression is extremely important, that’s why taking time to build your résumé is crucial; it's the only way to get you to your first interview with an employer.

Tips on how to build up your résumé

  • Honesty is your key. Do not exaggerate in your achievements. Make sure the information provided is accurate and up to date.
  • When writing about your skills and experience, keep it focused and straight to the point – make sure it fits to what you are applying for.
  • List the history of your jobs in chronological order starting with the recent dates. Provide your job title, company name and the period of employment. Also, identify the roles and responsibilities and the skills you’ve developed along with your achievements.
  • List the qualifications and education in chronological order starting with the recent dates.

Key guidelines

  • Two pages are ideal for a résumé.
  • Use subheadings wherever possible.
  • Keep the language formal, but clear with brief sentences.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Be accurate with your spelling and grammar.


  • Tell the employer why you got involved in a particular interest or hobby.