The older I get, the more I’m convinced that hiring well has little to do with spotting talent.

If a candidate commits these sins in an interview, they’re almost certainly going to be a bad hire. Ten bloopers come to mind – and none of them have to do with a resume:

10 Interview blunders you should stop doing right now:

1-NOT to bring to an interview your parents or your kids

1-You arrive late

Everyone’s time is valuable. If you are consistently late, buy a watch and leave earlier.  Your competition will  be on time and they will get the job. If there is an unexpected delay, at the very least, give a call to apologize.


2-You don’t wear professional attire

You don’t have the job yet. Casual may be office attire, but you aren’t part of the company yet. Dress to  impress.


3-You aren’t polite, you don’t smile and you don’t watch your voice tone.

Being rude is never a requirement trust me. And don’t go into an interview in a bad mood.

Smile and show them your positive attitude while using a moderate voice level.

Listen -Don’t talk too much -Don’t be too familiar- Don’t appear desperate


4-You’re slouching

You need to sit up straight!” Posture matters. Posture conveys attitude. It conveys interest. And it could sink your job chances.


5-You’re chewing a gum

     This lacks respect and discipline and the Employer might not consider your candidature.


6-You don’t research the company you are interviewing.

Conduct research so you have at least a general sense of the company and the position you are applying for. We now live 24/7 in a library called the internet, which makes research the easiest it’s ever been.


7-You answer your cell phone while you are in the interview

Show respect by letting your employer know this interview is more important than any call you have. Turn off your cell phone. If you forget and it rings, apologize and turn it off.


8-You never make eye contact

While eye contact is important, don’t go to the other extreme and stare-down your interviewers.

If you have more than one interviewer, remember to make eye contact with all of them, not just the person you feel most comfortable with, or the one doing the most talking.


9-You bash your former employer

Regardless of the reality of the situation, don’t speak negatively about a former/current employer. It brings to question if you will do the same with this potential employer in the future.

If asked about why you are leaving your old company, you don’t have to lie. But keep it succinct, “short and to the point.


10-You don’t ask any questions 

When asked, “Do you have any questions?” always have a question. When you do not have a question, it shows you are showing zero interest.


You can close the interview by the below questions to know what will happen next:

  • What are the next steps in the application process?
  • Is there any more information you will need from me?

For a Candidate: Little things make a big difference



Behavior and attitude usually gives a sneak peek into the candidate’s future performance. Self-awareness is a quality that all employers seek. Pay attention.

For an Employer: Bit of advice    

If you’re hiring and see these mistakes? Better to pass on the candidate, and wait for the right person.

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